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The Mars Homes That NASA Awarded $500k
26 Jun 2020
The Mars Homes That NASA Awarded $500k
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That's Why Buses Don't Have Seatbelts

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Fastening your seatbelt while in a car is something you learn even without knowing the rest of the road traffic regulations. But have you ever wondered why buses don’t have seatbelts at all? It seems only natural that a vehicle that carries so much more people than a car should have seatbelts, but buses have none — not even school buses. And how can they be safer than cars then?

Speaking about safety, have you ever thought why buses stop and open their doors at railroad tracks? It’s actually a must for any vehicle to stop at a designated point before railroad tracks and check if there’s a train coming. For a bus driver, it’s also important to open the doors. But why? Well, let’s find out the answers to these questions and more!

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Why don’t buses have seatbelts? 0:21
Why are there dedicated bus lanes? 1:08
Why won’t buses stop and open the doors when someone’s late? 1:45
Why is there a “do not speak to the driver” sign? 2:15
How do bus doors open and close when the driver isn’t inside? 2:54
Why are buses considered safer than cars? 3:31
Why do buses stop and open their doors at railroad tracks? 4:29
Why are bus depots often located in rough neighborhoods? 5:00
How do displays in buses know when to show the next stop? 5:40
How do you see through a bus window from inside when there’s an ad on the outside? 6:24
Why are bus steering wheels almost parallel to the ground? 7:26
Why don’t buses have a more aerodynamic shape? 8:11

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- In case of emergency, passengers need to get off a bus as fast as possible. With seatbelts on, they’ll waste precious time on unbuckling them.
- Like any other public transport, buses have a schedule to meet, and in big cities, traffic jams aren’t rare. So to reduce delays caused by heavy traffic, dedicated bus lanes were introduced.
- When a bus has already closed its doors and moved a few feet away from the stop, halting it again creates difficulties for the rest of the vehicles on the road.
- There’s a mechanism that opens and closes the driver’s door from the outside. The button that activates it is usually hidden and located under the door.
- Buses are heavy, and it takes a really serious impact to stop them in their tracks. They’re also long, so even if a bus crashes into a brick wall, passengers will fall, but no one will probably get seriously hurt.
- Public transport depots need a lot of land, and land in big cities is costly. So when a transport company buys a turf to park its vehicles, it normally chooses a piece of land that’s relatively cheap.
- When a bus approaches its next stop, the GPS sends a signal to the display, and it changes the name of the stop.
- The steering wheel is connected directly to the wheels of the vehicle with a rod. In a car, the front wheels are further ahead of the driver, so the rod goes smoothly back and up to the steering wheel.
- Aerodynamics allows vehicles to move faster with less opposing force of the air. It’s fine with transport that’s made to be fast, but buses aren’t about speed; they’re more about safety.

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