All of Your Videos Can Now Be Monetized!!!

Hello and Welcome to TippyTV

TippyTV is a content monetization system that allows you to receive tips ranging from $2 to $25 for your videos, photos, articles and comments . That's right, you can get tipped for informative, educational or entertaining comments. This is revolutionary and is only offered by TippyTV! These tips can generate exponentially more income for you than all other platforms. CPM on TippyTV can be as high as $40 or more/1000 views depending upon the type and quality of the content.

Being part of TippyTV does not affect the content in anyway that you have on YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion or Vimeo. Your views stay the same and after you import that same content to TippyTV, the views received on TippyTV will also be added to your view count on the site that's hosting your video. So nothing changes for the exception of now you have an additional opportunity to earn income from your videos.

The content you have on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion and others can be monetized in no time at all simply by following these steps:

1. Create a list containing the URL’s for your videos and photos you wish you monetize.

2. From your mobile device go to At the bottom of the page you will see “Add TippyTV to home screen”. Click on it to download the progressive web app. Once downloaded, create an account and login.

3. Click on "Import Video" and select where your video is hosted.

4. Copy a URL from the list you created.

5. Paste the URL into the TippyTV video URL field and click “Get Video”.

6. You will see the video with all of its associated data. Scroll down to the bottom and click “Publish” and you're done!

Once your content has been successfully published, a green tip button with a white $ will appear beneath your content. The tip button will also appear next to each user comment.So now your videos, photos, and comments are ready to start making tips.

It’s TippyTV’s goal to normalize tipping and create a platform where people can make money regardless of your age or talents by allowing comments to be tipped. Let’s face it, the comment section is where most people socialize and exchange information so why not get paid for it?


Content creators who are serious about their craft can earn stock in TippyTV with no cash investment whatsoever. We see your content and time as your investment and we don't ask for exclusive rights to your content. It does not matter if you have 1k subscribers or 5 million subscribers, you could be eligible to earn stock in the company. TippyTV was created by content creators for content creators because of the way large companies treat us. We typically have no voice, no say so and they can demonitize you at any time for any reason possible affecting your livelyhood.


Join TippyTV today by clicking on this link to start importing videos and earning cash. If you are interested in the free stock offer, please email us at [email protected]. This is a limited offer and if you are interested contact us immediately. There are a limited number of shares available to content creators.

TippyTV is currently in beta and the offical launch date will be on or about May 22, 2020.